Vladimir USHAKOV

POSITION: Tendering Team

I’m Vladimir Ushakov, I’m 60-something young (!) a specialist in power engineering and project management. I used to fly fast jets and helicopters for the Russian Special Forces, and only retired from flying last year when I was part of an aerobatic team with my wonderful Yak 52.


After the Army I joined ALSTOM, one of the global leaders in major civil engineering and rose up the ranks to become the President of ALSTOM’s operation in Russia.

My wife and I bought one of the TBV apartments in 2010 and then exchanged it for another in 2018. We chose this part of the world in TRNC because of the superb weather, great food and value for money, and beautiful environment, a combination we couldn’t find anywhere else, but like all of our Russian colleagues at TBV, we have been very disappointed by the behaviour of TBV’s developer, and his opacity with owners and purchasers.

So we joined the BTBA as founder members and are now awaiting the results of our major legal action against the developer. We like so many of our Russian colleagues and friends, believe that with the right management and especially the right maintenance company – and that means a complete change of provider - TBV could become a highly desirable place to enjoy holidays, or live as residents.


I can help to make that change happen as I’ve long specialised in the preparation of multi-million and even billion dollar tenders: documentation, conducting open tender procedures, assessment of the qualifications of bidders and their references, and control over the fulfilment of all obligations by suppliers of works and services.


That’s why we’re helping all the owners to take back control and to put things right.

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