POSITION: British Owner Liaison

I'm Sandie Wilkinson. Some of you will already know who I am, having being kind enough to vote for me in the past when I applied to be on the original TBV Owners Committee.  


Like many of you I made my purchase (around Pool 2) back in 2006 having looked at the prospectus by Savyon and had been very excited to buy a holiday home on what promised to be a wonderful site. Sadly in 2019 I find that my much loved holiday home is based on a site which looks very tired and run down...and this is despite hundreds of thousands of pounds pumped into the Maintenance Company which is supposed to keep it in tip top condition. This is not what I originally bought into and not what I pay a monthly contribution for!


What can I bring to TBV? My background is social care...and in 2002 after years thinking I could do this so much better, I set up a business offering support and accommodation to adults with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Issues.

Besides staffing to do the support, this involved buying and renting properties which needed renovation and on-going maintenance to a high standard. Delivering a high standard of accommodation and staff support proved a successful approach and in 2013, having gained contracts in three counties and employing nearly 300 staff, I sold the business.  

The new Assembly and taking over the running of the site will give owners the opportunity to have the dream we all bought into....and I am more than happy to help to achieve this.

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