My wife has been an owner at TBV since 2005, having bought off-plan.


Our expectation was a holiday home to be used for many years, and not all the problems we have had with water, deeds etc., etc. The reason for agreeing to be a director is to be able to contribute by adding to the excellent work started by Hubert and continued by many others on the legal case, in particular Mike Diplock.


My professional background is mainly as an Account Director in a software house supplying the institutions of the City of London with front and back office solutions. Following that I owned and ran a recruitment company, sold it four years ago and I’m now fully retired.


The experience of the former role where I was deeply involved in many bids and tendering projects means I have a role to play in supplier selection for the new owners’ assembly’s committee.


I have not thought a lot about the next five years at TBV, as the future depends on what the outcome of the next few months will be. I’m determined to try to re-shape that future to the benefit of all the owners and purchasers at TBV.

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