The Official Turtle Bay Village

Owners Assembly

Taking back control of TBVE


The Official Turtle Bay Village Owners' Assembly (OTBVOA) is a major legal initiative. Formed under the TRNC’s condominium legislation, the OTBVOA is designed to help owners and purchasers of properties on Turtle Bay Village Esentepe (TBVE) to take back control from its original developer and the maintenance company he controls, Resco.


Turtle Bay Village Esentepe (TBVE) was established in 2007 and marketed by its developer with the promise of TBVE becoming a ‘dream holiday village’. As a direct result, innocent people paid tens of thousands of pounds for properties on TBVE, enabling the developer to make many millions from the sale of the 411 apartment properties.


Despite numerous owners' committees, owners and purchasers from the UK, Russia, Lithuania, Scandinavia, Turkey and the TRNC, have endured unacceptably poor levels of site maintenance and management, resulting directly in the degradation of the site’s facilities and utilities to the point where environmental and H&S issues have arisen.


The poor levels of site maintenance and inadequate management have also led directly to massively depreciating property values, something the developer’s been very keen to exploit by offering around 50% of the original value to purchasers who’ve had enough of his antics.


The OTBVOA exists to change all this, and to take back control. The OTBVOA will put TBVE owners first and do everything in its power to transform TBVE’s appearance and standards of maintenance, and help deliver the promise originally made to TBVE’s apartment owners and purchasers.


This mission is reflected by two aims, and is supported by the OTBVOA Site Administration Plan that has been drawn up by the OTBVOA and its powerful legal team, Boyra Law. Applying the values of honesty, fairness, integrity and transparency, the OTBVOA aims to:​

  1. Transform TBVE into the quality holiday village that owners and purchasers were promised, one that makes owners and their guests proud.

  2. Put TBVE owners and purchasers first by enabling all of them to have their say about what they want TBVE to become in the future.