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"Resco Management take pride in the fact that Turtle Bay Village has never looked better. Using dedicated gardeners the 20 acres of landscaped gardens are maintained to the highest standard, the 7 communal pools are kept in pristine condition and the office staff support customers with all of their needs."

TBV was marketed and sold as a dream holiday and residential village. With efficient and regular maintenance it would have been simply ideal. Below are the claims from their official website.


Turtle Bay Village is superbly situated next to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, with spectacular views of the impressive Five Finger Mountain Range which stretches for over 100 miles parallel to the Northern Cyprus coastline.


Nearby is the village of Esentepe, a charming little village which is home to a mixture of local Turkish Cypriots and European settlers who have already realised their dream of a perfect home in the sun. Turtle Bay Village is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the sunshine and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.


Turtle Bay Village consists of 411 two and three bedroom apartments & penthouses. All ground floor apartments have easy access to the gardens and pool areas. First floor apartments have the added benefit of a private roof terrace.


Alternatively, villas with three or four bedrooms and private gardens are also available. All of the apartments and villas are set in 100 donums (140,000 square meters) of expertly maintained gardens, with a water feature and stream running through the heart of the village.

SOURCE: http://www.turtlebaycyprus.com/aboutTBV.html Date: 15/09/2019: 0825


It's all down to Resco’s failure

There’s a simple way to tell if a site’s being well managed or not: check the bottom line:

  • Real market value of our properties: 
    While properties in nearby developments sell at premium market prices, according to local estate agents our apartments are hard to impossible to sell unless massively discounted. That’s something the developer’s all too keen to exploit as well, by offering owners trying to sell barely half the original value of their property.


  • Rental values: short and long term rental values at TBV are some of the lowest.

  • Quality of tenants: thanks to Resco and the developer, TBV’s hosting coachloads of factory workers, transforming the ‘dream holiday village’ into a workers’ campsite.

  • Values - whether selling or renting, are certainly not helped by fundamental problems like fresh water supply and waste water discharge, all of which our esteemed developer’s stayed very quiet about. Yet nearby developments have declared their owners won’t be charged a penny for the connection work involved with the new fresh water supply.

Can we fix it?

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