Charles de Haan 

POSITION: Chairman

I’m 64 and after a career in corporate communications and design working with top FT-SE 100 companies, I started my own marketing communications business back in 2001.


I also play golf quite well, and while I'd love to play with Hogan Stott and John Harney, from what I've heard about his ideas on fairness and honesty, I don't think I'll be playing with Udi around the Korineum anytime soon.

I bought 50% of 53/04, a three bedroom apartment, back in 2009 and at first, things looked OK around TBV. But year on year TBV has become increasingly tatty and uncared for, and even at home we’re now being constantly reminded every week how completely inadequate the water supply situation is at TBV, no thanks to the developer.

I became a founder member of the BTBA and when Hubert decided to take a back seat, was asked to become its chairman in 2017/18. I’ve developed a terrific working relationship with Mike Diplock and the other directors, and enjoy handling all the BTBA’s communications as I fully understand why we as owners and purchasers all want to know what’s really going on, and what we can do via the legal action to force the developer to change his attitude to the owners and purchasers on TBV, and frankly, pay for his arrogance.

My meeting with Jackie Duba of Calendar Property Services two years ago proved to me that even a site as large as TBV really can be completely transformed with the right management and the right maintenance company, even though it could take three years or so.

That’s why I’m asking all of you to support our new owners’ Assembly, the OTBVOA, as we’re the only ones who want to, and with your support, will, take back control and make change happen.

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